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A growing need on the gear list of most hikers these days is their tech items and supplies to keep them going. With the increase of electronic devices that accompany us into the wilderness, it is important to bring what you need to keep them functioning. At a minimum, I recommend taking a cell phone. You would be surprised where you can get a signal and sometimes if you do not have enough signal to make a call you can get a text message out in an emergency. I also have navigation apps (I recommend the Gaia GPS app) on my phone that will work even without cellular service.


If you are going into the backcountry where you know that you will not have cellular service a satellite communication device such as the Garmin inReach would be a wise investment. You may want to take a digital camera other than the one on your phone or GPS other than your phone. Some avid photographers/videographers/bloggers will even bring a laptop computer for editing and uploading material while out on the trail. Although I would highly discourage it if you are just getting started. Remember electronics are delicate and you will be exposing them to extreme heat, extreme cold, water, dust, sweat, vibration, and impacts. My phone happens to be military-grade and is submergible dust, and shock resistant so I don’t worry about it too much but if yours is not I highly recommend putting it in a dry bag specifically designed for a smart device. I would also recommend sticking to electronics that are designed for the outdoors (thus my choice of phone). Things like many Garmin products or Go Pro cameras are specifically designed to stand up to the elements. I recommend drybags or at least a good Ziplock bag for all of your electronic devices.  


A power pack is almost a necessity these days even if you will just be carrying your cell phone. I would recommend getting one with at least 20000mAh and Anker has proven to be a reliable brand of portable power packs. I also carry a headlamp and flashlight (and sometimes a lighter) that are USB rechargeable which is convenient. Just remember to make sure to bring the correct charging cables for your various electronic devices. And some fresh batteries for anything which may require them. If you choose not to carry a power pack I would recommend keeping your phone off in order to save the battery for emergency use.

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